Individual Consultations

Discover the best ways to achieve your health goals with a personal, private consultation. We’ll look at your current lifestyle, identify your needs, and develop a plan specific to your body type, nutritional needs and learning style.

Call Sprout Wellness at 734-478-4263 or email for a free 20 minute consultation to see if this is a good fit for your future fitness.

Nutrition Coaching

Find out what your symptoms are trying to tell you about your health.  Once we learn what your body is telling you, we create a plan to help you help your body begin the healing process.  We start with a 300 + question questionnaire that identifies your lifestyle and nutrition related symptoms. Based on your symptoms, we look at what foods and lifestyle habits can help you heal. Take advantage of the free consultation to see if this approach is a good fit.

Motivation Coaching

Gain the support, accountability and knowledge of a personal wellness coach with the added benefit of PSYCH-K® balances to reinforce your motivation. Learn easy ways you can simplify your life while improving your overall health, weight, energy, and focus.

Nutritional Therapy is a science-based, holistic approach to wellness. Evaluative tools and hands-on assessments will be used to identify your underlying nutritional needs and to correct imbalances that lead to dysfunction in the body.
Whole food nutrition (and supplements, if needed) will be recommended to assist your body’s natural healing process to help you achieve optimal, long-term health.
This is a bio-individualized, personalized wellness experience. Our bodies were designed with the beautiful ability to heal themselves. My goal is to give your body the tools and fuel it needs to do just that!


PSYCH-K® provides a variety of safe and effective ways to “rewrite the software of the mind” by changing beliefs that limit you into beliefs that support you … simply and easily.
Originated in 1988, PSYCH-K® directly facilitates communication between the conscious and subconscious portions of the mind. It also includes processes to increase the “cross talk” between the two brain hemispheres resulting in a “whole-brain” state, dramatically reducing the resistance to changing outdated subconscious programs.
PSYCH-K® is the missing piece in your life that helps you find the peace in life you are missing.




Wishing you the best of health. May the best day of your past, be the worst day of your future. Let’s make it happen with Sprout Wellness!

With love, peace and puppies,

Barbara Bowman, MPA, NTP

& Sprout Bowman, DOG